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Case Studies and UX Research

Here are examples of measurable results of my work, thus wealthy in words. 




Increased revenue and unique visits with this landing page. Customized and focused content for main persona of customers. Increased revenue by 88% for same customer group on email onboarding series.  


Michael's Marketplace Seller

I built the entire Marketplace seller e-commerce platform as the writer among 26 designers from scratch. Revitalized the Michael's brand by implementing a new tone for Marketplace, which then changed the Michael's homepage. We removed the garage sale, and created an elegant UX tone to match the elegant UX style for browsing merchandise.

Michaels 1.jpg


Bank of America 

I worked on the research for a browser back button on a flow that was quite interesting. We wrote content for many rounds, and we were surprised by the feedback from research over many rounds. It was a fascinating case study. One button for FinTech doesn't work on browser back. I learned so much. I'm also awaiting real world metrics on the 4 digital products that I built because they're brand new, as I was on NPXD.


Conversational Chat

I wrote fresh content that was non-bot sounding for conversational ai chat. I listened to many calls to learn how customers respond to chats, and what frustrates them. This was one of the most influential learning processes for writing. I could hear the customer pain points, and then rewrite content to make it easier, more customer friendly which is the most UX writing there is in being a professional writer. 

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