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Healthy Care

Whole food wellness program, and interesting healthcare gadgets 

The Real Appeal

Eating wellness programs are new products. In addition to the new mobile app and desktop website that was built, I uxed the content for the program itself. User friendly experience applies to everything, including how to eat well.


Amgen app

The app had no story, and no character. I gave it life -- a story, a character, and good content. Because of my work, it was then sold the next day and built for $1 million. 


MediaTek Sensio

MediaTek builds cool products. One of them is Sensio. I made the video.



New products have new pages in the massive desktop website and mobile applications that are NextGen. They are prolific in new products. Something like 55 new pages and products, including e-books. 


I have several certifications in healthcare. 

From 2011 graduation, I'm a certified Hypnotherapist with Honors, and a Certified Therapeutic Imagery Master.

Recently, in 2022, I have added a certification for a second year in master in psychology, and I'm a Certified NLP Master. 

This is in addition to a B.A. from UCLA in English Literature, and another technical certification from UCLA. 

Custom developed skincare 

My cousin developed this formula, OrganiClear. I use it. It works amazingly well. I made different types of ads for social media. The humor/comedy was the best received. 

Chemist 1
Funny 1
Funny 2
Chemist 2
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