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NPXD New Product Experience Design

Content product designer. Lead content strategist. Senior UX writer. 

I've been building in UX for the past 10 years, and I've been writing professionally for 18 years.

I've increased revenue by 88% and increased unique visits through my UX content designer digital platform build work. Every NPXD is for both desktop and mobile platforms. 

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Michaels Seller Marketplace

I was the content strategist and writer on the entire platform build -- both desktop and mobile. All the bells and whistles. From business details including shipping rates and error, to big picture showcasing your own seller style, I'm the writer who made this platform possible. Yes, I wrote all the APIs as well. All of them! 


Disney +

I was one of three people originally in the room. We designed it and prototyped it. I strategized the entire backend process. It's amazing what UX content flow, information architecture, and content strategy can do. Then I built manuals and info. Then dev built it. 




The app had no story, and no character. I gave it life -- a story, a character, and good content. Because of my work, it was then sold the next day and built for $1 million. 



New products have new pages in the massive desktop website and mobile applications that are NextGen. They are prolific in new products. Something like 55 new pages and products, including e-books. 



The Real Appeal

Eating wellness programs are new products. In addition to the new mobile app and desktop website that was built, I uxed the content for the program itself. User friendly experience applies to everything, including how to eat well.

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